The process will be the same, just on a different scale.

Every single business is unique, but when it comes to operations—the core foundations are quite similar. After working with hundreds of businesses, I’ve mastered proven strategies to not only help you achieve your goals but support your business to receive the best ROI. 

And trust me, I’ve seen hundreds of companies fail because they’re lacking the right structure. Business boils down to four key concepts: a brilliant idea, a strong business plan, the ability to fund the plan, and then execution. When you nail that and pair it with legal, you’re golden.  

I’ve never met a successful person who’s just “winging it”

clients helped since 2005




hours invested in start-ups


Take a glimpse of that impact:

Helping hundreds of businesses navigate their way to financial success.

Focusing on legal as their safety net. Most lawyers don’t know ANYTHING about business and it’s a scary thing to invest so much in someone who barely understands what you need. I’ve been on both sides of the negotiating table for most of the issues business owners face. While I’m not a lawyer (though I’ve been told I can argue like one), I know how to protect my clients. And with my legal team at the ALGO Law Firm, you can rest assured that you’re covered on ALL bases. Should you ever need legal services, I know exactly what contracts and legal documents you’ll need, saving you time and money.

What most people get wrong in business… 

Helped prepare their business to be sold. 

Tech Company

"Ashley worked with us for 9 months prior to listing our company for sale. She helped us to create and fine tune our documents which increased the value significantly. She also defended the company during due diligence negotiations and guided our team every step of the way."

Helped with a "sanity check" and where to spend investment monies.

Small Business

"We needed a "sanity check" and someone to make sure we weren't crazy. Ashley helped bring some things to light about our plan and changed our direction. She also helped us spend our initial seed round money wisely and we didn't need to hire another employee."

helped with contract negotiation & personal brand image


"Before Ashley, I was negotiating my own contracts, making an average of 45k/year. After working with her, she knew the companies connect with and what I should be asking for in my contracts. I now have a yearly contract for 150k/year. I also am contracted with multiple other companies with competitive rates."

Receive ongoing support and a customized plan that works for you.

Monthly Consulting

The Investment:
Monthly packages begin at $2,500

Let’s accomplish your short-term and long-term goals. We help you solve problems with the end in mind, working in collaboration with ALGO Law Firm when legal issues are concerned


The Investment:
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Receive my undivided attention in-person to accomplish your goals on an expedited timeline 


The Investment:
Please inquire about pricing

If outside of the Miami area, please inquire for more details

What to Expect

Working with us is easy

The goal of our initial consultation is to determine if we’re a good fit and create a plan for moving forward.


Our project-based and intensive services require an in-depth questionnaire, while the monthly consultation service begins with an initial questionnaire detailing short-term and long-term goals


You can expect follow-up with progress reports on a consistent basis as you continue pressing on toward your goals

Progress Reports

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I’ve spent my entire career working with numerous household names to navigate difficult waters of growth, and implement effective solutions that MULTIPLY their financial success. My superpower is walking into your business, identifying areas of growth, and filling the gaps of how to get there the BEST way possible—no matter what stage of development you’re in.

Business Growth Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, & Consultant

Hi, I’m Ashley Pflueger-Airaghi

Over 90 percent of our clients have worked with us for over a year

Our retention rates speak for themselves…

Do you have a minimum monthly requirement?

We require a three-month minimum for our monthly consultation services.

Is my business too small?

Not at all! In fact, you can save substantially by working directly with me instead of taking on a new hire or spending investment money the wrong way.

What’s the difference between your consulting and a coach?

A coach pats you on the back and gives you a one-size-fits-all template that will leave you with questions afterward that go unanswered. I provide individualized support to YOUR business for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d be honored to support you in the best way possible. Complete the form below to inquire about working together and if we’re a fit, I’ll reach out to schedule a call.

Expand your impact WITHOUT the growing pains.