A serial entrepreneur, mac & cheese connoisseur, and business growth expert that’s here to give you real world advice certified by the legal team I work directly with at the ALGO Law Firm. 

Hi, I'm Ashley Pflueger-Airaghi

For generations, my family has been successful entrepreneurs. We supplied the steel for NYC’s Washington Bridge and used that money to create the world's largest taxidermy business, Pflueger Taxidermy.

I spent my childhood on the water fishing with my grandfather (sailfish is my favorite!) and later discovered that I learned from one of the world’s best anglers. Not only did my great grandfather patent the "hollow skin mount" for fishing, but his son (a.k.a grandpa) was also inducted into the International Game Fish Association Hall of Fame. Through my grandfather and other grandfather who was a WWII Veteran, I learned the value of always showing gratitude (because it will be returned tenfold).

My father (and mentor) was one of the Founders of a vitamin company, Rexall Sundown, that started out of a garage in Hollywood, FL. 19 years later, it went public and sold for $2.1 billion. Working alongside him gave me intimate knowledge of manufacturing, product design, and retail expertise.

I’m a firm believer of the phrase, “you are who you surround yourself with”.

The first time I ever did it? When I was 10, I wouldn’t take children’s vitamins. My father asked me what it would take and my response was a pivotal moment for his company’s future. Enter: Disney vitamins.

When I was 14, I was supposed to take Adderall but the effects made me loopy. So I invented my own all natural product and watched it go from idea to manufacturing to being sold on the shelves. I later sold the formula and to date it's sold over a billion bottles. 

After graduating, I spent my time in the boardroom as my father’s right hand. I was intimately involved with product design and sales meetings with the heads of household companies like Walmart, Costco, Publix, etc. (one of which we helped resolve a departmental issue while the Vice President took a vacation!).

I’ve spent a lifetime walking into other people’s businesses.

Dogs > Cats anyday (little Sophie is my everything & may my precious boys, Peanut & KC, rest in peace)

Monday is my favorite day of the week (you’ll never catch me staying out late on a Sunday—unless I’m fishing) 

Not a morning person, so coffee is a MUST (we have 3 machines at the firm because in Miami, we take coffee seriously) 

I love to cook & entertain (currently building my DREAM kitchen in my new home)

I’m a Capricorn (did you know that there are more Capricorn CEOs in the world than any other sign?) 

Dive a Little Deeper

Fun Facts

I bridge the gap between business and law to get business results in the most efficient way possible. Since joining ALGO, the business nearly quadrupled. Our clients doubled, we hired new team members, added systems and profit—all WITHOUT any interruptions or growing pains.
That’s my mission for you: efficient solutions, zero disruption. 

Today, as the COO of ALGO Law Firm,

I built an entire career consulting for major retailers in consumer products, top manufacturing facilities in North America, first time entrepreneurs, and everything in between. I was the President of the world’s largest and most successful angel investment group. We participated in Keiretsu Forum’s monthly show where we’d have monthly meetings with entrepreneurs who pitched us brilliant ideas for millions of dollars in funding (think Shark Tank, but working with a LOT more money). Anyone part of the group was able to invest and there was never one winner. I also helped launch StartUp FIU, an incubator program inside Florida International University. 

You already have what it takes. Allow me to give you the best way to get there.